PaperStone® HONEY

  • Recycled paper composite surface material
  • PaperStone® HONEY – Made with recycled paper
  • FSC Label: FSC Mix 90%
  • Recommended for kitchen worksurfaces
  • Description

    PaperStone® HONEY – Honey is the sweet new addition and is light and warm and the standard panels have a solid . NSF, FSC Mix

    PaperStone® HONEY forms a collection of colours that are warm, rich and natural in hues and tones, often with a soft and subtly variegated finish. Part of the Designer Series, PaperStone® HONEY reflects nature but a little more geological than organic. These six colours are lighter than the Solid Colour Series, they have perfect homogeneity in the panel surface and all (except Charcoal and Honey) have ‘tone-on-tone’ striated edges, a unique and visually arresting feature that allows scope for, literally, leading-edge design detailing.

    • PaperStone® HONEY is primarily made with FSC certified recycled paper cardboard combined with a patented phenolic resin, PetroFree®.
    • Paper and old cardboard boxes are recycled to obtain stacked layers of paper. The paper is saturated with a pigmented, petroleum-free, natural resin and pressed under heat and pressure into a solid sheet
    • Not only is PaperStone® HONEY made from a recycling process, it is also recyclable at the end of its life cycle, by re-polishing and re-purposing the material for future projects.

    Inherently sustainable, surprisingly tough, beautifully unique and incredibly versatile. PaperStone® HONEY is as hard as stone yet made from paper. This makes it a versatile and environmentally sound alternative for use as worktops, wall cladding and much more. Eleven rich, tactile colours across two ranges deliver non-porous, hygienic durability to provide a broad spectrum of surface design solutions.

    PaperStone® is versatile and cost efficient. Its composition, although uniquely sustainable, delivers high performance across a range of applications. These include but are by no means limited to: Bars and table tops, Reception desks, Kitchen worksurfaces and cabinet doors, Food preparation areas, Washrooms, Furniture, Space division and de-mountable partitions, Vertical decorative wall panelling and Interior signage.

    For some more inspiration check out the PaperStone website for more information on colours. Alternatively speak to any of the team about your project who will be only too happy to provide you with help.


  • Specifications
    • PaperStone® HONEY sample may not represent the full aesthetic. Ask us for samples and more detailed information on this.
    • When joined PaperStone® joins will be visible, not seamless like Solid Surface. Please ask for more information.
    • As PaperStone® is made from a range of materials, and can have slight colour ‘shade’ difference in sheets.
    • Comes in 6mm, 13mm and 19mm thickness.
    Paperstone®, PaperStone®Designer
    Product Types
    Brown, Yellow/Orange
    Commercial Washrooms, Bespoke Furniture, Cladding, Bathrooms, Commercial, Kitchens
    Price Groups
    13mm, 6mm, 19mm
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