Montelli® decorative solid surface material can be used in a variety of interior applications in both commercial and residential sectors.

Being a composite polyester product, Montelli® is produced by a continuous casting process, with strict quality control standards being met.


Features of Montelli®

Montelli® sheets can be cut, routed, joined with inconspicuous seams, sanded and engraved to create a wide variety of designs, colour inlays and effects. 

The material is solid and uniform right through; the surface is durable, non-porous, hygienic and repairable.

Montelli® Surfaces is manufactured by DuPont™ and carries a 10-year product guarantee, which can deliver peace of mind during the planning of projects.

Counter Production and Montelli® solid surface – A polyester based material that can be used for designs in the residential and commercial interior spaces markets.

Montelli® represents a new material for use in worktops that is not only inline with customer demand, but fulfils that gap for a more ‘value’ product. Counter Production have manufactured and supplied of the UK leading designers and kitchen studios for over 35 years.

You can fabricate Montelli® solid surface with Corian® solid surface integrated sinks, which you can find HERE. For more information, please visit the product website HERE. *Please note, not all colours are available in the UK market.

How is Montelli® different?

As it is made from polyester and not acrylic, so it cannot be thermoformed. This means it doesn’t have the outstanding design flexibility as Corian® Solid Surface but it can be used as a highly effective seamless, easy to clean and repairable horizontal surface.

Montelli® is a functional and cost-effective solid surface solution for applications such as retail countertops, point-of-sale and economy hospitality settings as well as bathrooms and kitchens. Ideal as a solution for price-sensitive projects, while retaining the reassurance of using product manufactured by DuPont™.

While suitable for interior surfaces, it isn’t recommended for exterior cladding applications.


As a solid, non-porous surface, Montelli® offers excellent stain resistance.

Ideal for kitchen work surfaces combining aesthetics with tough practicality.

Solid and non-porous, it is manufactured to be hygienic and easy to clean.

Does not promote the growth of mould, bacteria or mildew.

It can be accurately cut and joined seamlessly.

Impact resistant and easily repairable.