Durat is a unique, sustainable solid surface material which contains recycled post industrial plastics and is 100% recyclable.

Durat is available in more than 200 vibrant colours, including a large variety of RAL Classic colours, there is a colour for every project. Custom colours can be tinted to order and can be used to create seamless surfaces of any custom project.

Easy maintenance and hard-wearing properties make it an ideal material for various kinds of interiors, such as bathroomskitchens and public places.

The Durat Circular concept is a new step towards a comprehensive circular economy and closed material cycle. By repurchasing, refurbishing and re-selling used products, the goal is to ensure the longest possible life cycle for the material and re-use 100% of the materials we produce.

For more information on using Durat in one of your projects, visit their website here.

As part of Counter Production’s commitment to reducing landfill and re-use of material, we are excited to work with customers in this material, and offer technical advice for free on how customers can incorporate it in their designs.

We fabricate and install Durat across Oxfordshire, London and the South East. Contact us for a free quote.

DURAT Benefits

Durat collects post-industrial plastic waste from Sweden and Finland that would normally end up in wastelands. This is a very concrete and substantial way it decreases the stress on nature. The handling and transportation of the recycled material is fully the responsibility of the company.

RAL colours – Durat´s colour chart is extensive with more than 200 colours, including a large variety of RAL Classic colours.
Textures -The three dimensional surface texture gives the colours a special sense of depth. Durat offers a wide selection of textures for all the colours.
Unlimited colours – Durat also offers a unique possibility to create custom colours, making the Durat colour palette practically unlimited.
Renewable Power – They use 100% renewable electricity in their manufacturing facility, which is approved by The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.