Can I have a large overhang on my Corian® worktop?

You can, but this requires different methods of support for your worktop and is dependant on a few factors, thickness of worktop, design and cabinet construction.


Is Corian® free from Silica dust?

Corian® Solid Surface is a material made from a formulation of natural minerals, with an acrylic resin binder. Due to this composition, Corian® contains zero silica and as such provides no risk of silica exposure when working at the fabrication level or during installation on building sites. By specifying Corian® Solid Surface along with others such as Hi-MACS and Krion, you are making it easier to maintain a safe work site and keeping those working with the material safe.


When fitting a solid surface shower tray what base do I need to install for the tray to sit onto?

A flat solid base, concrete is ideal or a minimum of 18mm marine ply (waterproofed to customers specification).

If Cladding is to be installed the same specification is required.


How do I clean my Corian® work surface?

Generally, a damp microfiber cloth used with a standard household kitchen spray should remove most stains.

For most residues, all you need to clean your Corian® Solid Surface countertops is warm soapy water, ammonia-based household cleaner, or a dedicated countertop cleaner such as Bar Keepers Friend or Cif. Always clean using a circular motion.

Hard water areas can cause a film to build up on countertops if water is left to dry on the surface. This film will dull the countertop surface, making the finish appear blotchy and uneven. To prevent film build-up, it is best to dry surfaces using a microfibre cloth after spills and cleaning.

This cleaning video shows how quick and efficient it can be to clean a Corian® Solid Surface.


Can solid surface be used to make anything else apart worktops?

Solid surface, although not a structural material, can be used as an aesthetic finish when clad around a frame or structure. Using this method many different uses are possible and it is very popular for table tops, furniture surfaces and decorative projects. As a thermoformable material, it can be applied to curved edges and surfaces.


Will I be able to see the joins in the solid surface after it is joined?

Corian® and most solid surface material is joined inconspicuously therefore it doesn’t have a join after it is finished. Although completely seamless, depending on the colour, the joins are inconspicuous and often impossible see once completed. The exception is where a veined colour is used and this may create a mismatch in the pattern. See our page about using veined colours HERE.


What are the benefits of Corian®?

Corian® is seamless, non-porous & resistant to germs & bacteria. It is very durable & easy to keep clean, fully repairable, stain resistant and comes in a wide range of colours.

We can bespoke exactly to your requirements producing any size, shape & thickness & Corian® produces a huge range of sinks & accessories that can be seamlessly integrated.

Multiple choices also with coved or square up-stands, profiled edges, drainer areas and then limitless options when it comes to bathrooms to include vanity units and bespoke shower trays, making it the top choice of solid surface.


Do you work in any other materials other than Corian®

Yes! We work in almost all major solid surface brands including Corian®, Hi-MACS®, Krion™, Durat, Hanex®, Staron®. As a Quality Network Fabricator and member of the Quality Club™ we are one of the few fabricators who can offer warranties for Corian® and Hi-MACS®.

If there is a material you want to use, just call us, and we will deal with the supplier.


Is there any difference between the solid surface branded materials?

This is a really important point. Yes, there is and it often comes down to small details such as consistent quality, batch matching and warranty.

Recognised brands such as Corian®, Hi-MACS®, Krion™, Hanex® and Staron® all have good manufacturing processes that guarantee colour matching across wide numbers of sheet. Be aware of more ‘generic’ brands where colour matching can be poor.

As one of the main USP’s of solid surface is the seamless matching of the sheet, if the sheet isn’t what we call ‘batch matched’ it can mean when those two sheets are joined, it shows up as both sheets being slightly different shades. This can ruin the look. Always make sure you use quality fabricators who will be experienced in matching colour batches.


Does Corian® withstand heat?

Corian® solid surface is heat resistant and remains undamaged in temperatures up to 212ºF. However, as with all countertop materials, it is important to minimise direct heat exposure to protect your surface and investment. We would always recommend using a trivet or pan stand.


What is Corian® made from?

Corian® is a solid surface material consisting of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer, which provides superior design possibilities.


Is Hi-MACS® the same as Corian® ?

Hi-MACS® is made from the same materials as Corian® and performs in a very similar way. The main difference between the materials are the warranty periods, Hi-MACS® being 15 years and Corian® being 10 years. Both materials have different colour pallets, but many of the colours are similar.


What overhang can you have with solid surface?

The length of an overhang, in say a breakfast bar application, depends on the thickness of the worktop. In 12mm worktops it is 150mm (without additional support), in 19mm it is 300mm (when using 19mm Glacier White Corian®) and approximately 300mm when using any other 12mm sheet when used to make up a worktop of 38mm in thickness and above. Contact us for more info.