Solid Surface can be manufactured with almost any edge profile.

Many of the standard edge profiles are available as standard and included in the our worktop pricing and can be applied in designs up to 38mm worktop thickness. Just talk to our team on which one you think will work best with your design.

Some of the edge profiles are more ‘bespoke’ in their look and require more fabrication. Priced per metre, they can be adapted to suit any design.

If these is a specific edge profile not shown here, then just ask us and we can give you a quote to achieve the design. 

Type 1 Fascia’s – Included in our standard pricing

These edge profiles are included in standard worktops up to 38mm in thickness.

Break Edge

This is typically a sharp corner option, and can cause chipped edges more easily. Not recommended for high use applications such as kitchen worktops.

2mm Double Round

Our standard worktop edge profile, suitable for all high use areas and has that classic look.

6mm Single Round

A variation on the 2/3mm round, but the top edge has a slightly more radiused top edge to give a softer look.

6mm Double Round

The same as the single, but the edge is applied to the bottom edge as well.

10mm Single Round

Top 10mm radius’ creates a more pronounced shape to the worktop edge.

10mm Double Round

With a 10mm radius on the top and bottom edges, this is closer to a bullnose edge.

Spanish Edge

This can be a single profile like shown, or can be built up to give a layered special edge.

Imperial Edge

2-10mm Bevel

This edge can have any bevel up to 10mm applied as part of the standard pricing.

Ovolo Edge

Type 2 Fascia Edge Options

Supplementary price per linear metre for Type 2 edge profiles.

Waterfall Edge

A classic feature of solid surface worktops. Only possible with solid surface, the waterfall edge is a smooth raised section that is often used in from of sink or basin areas where water control is wanted.

Bullnose Edge

Deep Fascia’s 38-100mm

These are typically used in larger worktops where a more ‘monolithic’ is wanted.

Special Edge up to 50mm


Sharks Nose *

Blunted Sharks Nose *

** Almost any angle of Sharks Nose / Blunted Sharks Nose profile can be fabricated to mirror the angle of handle free kitchen furniture. Please ask any of the team for bespoke detail pricing.