Solid Surface Training – we support all of our customers by offering their designers full training for materials such as Corian®, HI-MACS® and Krion™.

As a specialist fabricator we recognise that in order for designers to confidently offer these solid surface materials as a product, training in how they can be used, fabricated and incorporated into a design is crucial. We are able to offer training in solid surface training either here in the factory, or we can come to your showroom and present directly to your team.

Confidence and Expertise

Solid Surface Training will give your team the confidence to talk through every aspect of using the material in their designs, and increase your ability to offer confidently solid surface to your customers.

The training takes about 2-3 hours and will cover all of the major aspects of using solid surface in the Kitchen and Bathroom industry. If you come to the factory there will be lunch provided and the opportunity for hands on practical application.

We offer solid surface training to small groups between two and eight designers. This gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions and fill the gaps in their knowledge. We will give your team the confidence to deal with customers questions. This will help them achieve a greater understanding product enabling them to sell the product easier.

Find out how Corian®, HI-MACS® and Krion™ is made and how the materials can be used to achieve your customers designs.

As part of the solid surface training, we will take you around the Oxfordshire factory where you can see first hand how we manufacture solid surface worktops. We demonstrate the skill and attention to detail that we put into each and every bespoke item that we make for you. You even get a chance to have a go yourself at some thermoforming!

100’s of Years

With hundreds of combined years of experience, many of our fabricators have been with the company for years. Our depth of experience and knowledge is one of our key strengths to our solid surface training program.  We finish the training  with a practical demonstration of how to clean Corian® and hopefully tackle some of the myths surrounding the materials.

Cleaning is one of our most popular FAQ’s. When the designers see the cleaning process, they have no doubt that cleaning will never be an issue.

Our intention is that all our designers have a thorough knowledge of how we manufacture their designs. Hopefully we can inspire them in a little way to try something new! If you are a studio looking to sell Corian® or any other solid surface and would like more info on attending one of our FREE training courses, please call us or contact us.