Corian® is and HI-MACS® are the perfect choice for use in Commercial Applications.

Public space design is always high-profile. Be it an expression of corporate brand essence or a symbol of civic pride, there are always multiple, demanding constituencies, and the work has to be superb. Counter Production Ltd work in partnership with the creative community to facilitate the manufacture of architects and designers visions, ensuring they  meet the unique demands of public and corporate spaces through the use of HI-MACS® and Corian® in public spaces.

Corian® solid surface, as one example, works in myriad public and corporate applications, including corporate foyers, wall cladding, exterior cladding, corridors, elevator walls, staircases, railings, shopping centers, playgrounds, airport lounges, and public plazas.

Perfect Partner for commercial spaces

Public and corporate spaces demand materials that can both convey the right image and withstand the wear and tear that comes with heavy daily traffic. Architects and designers choose solid surface for its unlimited design possibilities: its lighting effects, its shape-shifting forms, and its extensive palette. With its seamless appearance and solid feel, Corian® has the substance to create impressive, large-scale designs, while also offering the durability, ease of cleaning, and minimal maintenance that these spaces require in the long term.

Solid surfaces such as Corian®, HI-MACS® and Krion™ are hard wearing, repairable, hygienic, weather proof, workable and inspirational to design with.

This makes solid surface the perfect partner for use in commercial projects, particularly within public spaces.

Corian® in Public Spaces

Just some of the projects we have made and installed for our Commercial Partners include :-

  • Reception Desks & Boardroom Tables
  • Restaurant Bars & Tables
  • Coffee Shop Countertops
  • Outdoor Seating Areas & Pools
  • Restroom Vanities
  • Outdoor Planters
  • Staircases
  • Kiosks