KRION® Basic Basic B209

  • KRION® Basic B209 basin.
  • Sub Mounted Basin.
  • Warranty: KRION® 2 years.
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  • Description

    KRION® Basic B209 – KRION® basins are produced using a high-quality casting technique.

    KRION® BASIC washbasins made of Snow White Krion®, conspicuous for the ease with which these products can be cleaned and repaired in addition to their resistance and anti-bacterial additive-free properties.

    The KRION® Basic B209 developed by Krion™ allow exclusive and modern designs to be developed, with the maximum hygiene and quality, whatever their use and application. Factors as important as its anti-bacterial property, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria and microorganisms, its easy cleaning and maintenance, which allow the material to quickly and easily be returned to its original state, and its resistance to impacts make the compact material Krion™ suitable for creating latest generation solid surface bathroom sinks.

    Select the solid surface KRION® washbasin and adapt the design of your washbasin to your needs. It’s time to have a modern bathroom using one of the most robust materials in existence.

    • KRION® Basic Basins are hardwearing and resistant.
    • KRION® basins are resistant to almost all commercial household chemicals, and everyday stains such as fruit acid or red wine.
    • KRION® is scratch-resistant and can be repaired in the event of small scratches – often without the need to call in a specialist.
    • KRION® is very easy to clean. The KRION® basins can be cleaned using a moist cloth and commercial detergent, removing almost all dirt without leaving any residue.
    • KRION® basins when integrated with KRION® surfaces are hygienic and can be assembled without the need for visible joints, preventing germs, bacteria and pathogens accumulating in the first place.
    • The KRION® basins has a natural matt satin finish.

    More information on the KRION® Basic B209 basins can be found here.

  • Specifications
    Product Types
    Products, Bathroom Basins
    Bathrooms, Commercial Washrooms
    • Semi-finished round embedded washbasin.
    • Diameter of 370mm and 145mm interior depth.
    • Produced by mould by Krion® casting.
    • Does not include overflow.
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