• Polygood SEA FOAM DARK – 100% recycled and 100% recyclable surface material
  • Made from 100% recycled PS (Polystyrene)
  • Origin: TVs, keyboards, mice,  spools, and refrigerators CNC shavings

Contact Us to discuss any questions you may have, we happy to help. Counter Production fabricates and installs Polygood throughout the South of the UK and is one of the leading fabricators in the UK. No project is too big or small. It’s what makes us Materially Different™.

  • Description

    Polygood SEA FOAM DARK

    CNC milling of our panels creates shavings. We have found a creative way to incorporate this resource directly into our patterns, without further recycling steps. The result is these new marble-like patterns that complement other naturalistic-looking products in our range and are well suited to high-end designs. A great sustainable alternative to real stone.

    Polygood SEA FOAM DARK is a high quality, sustainable surface material, made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic.
    The sustainable advantages of this material are equalled by its distinctive aesthetics. Each pattern has its own unique back story. See the other colours in the Core and Bespoke range.

    A visual commitment to sustainability

    Polygood panels are 100% recyclable and are made from 100% recycled PS (Polystyrene).

    Polygood SEA FOAM DARK is produced from a wide range of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste sources: from refrigerators, to single-use cutlery; electronics to industrial consumables.
    We believe that, by inspiring the design and manufacture of products and surfaces made from recycled plastics, we can not only keep this material from ending up in landfill, the oceans, or incinerators, but – better still – continue its life as a beautiful design solution for your project for many years to come, before it’s recycled again!

    Polygood SEA FOAM DARK – Third party accreditation

    Cradle to cradle environmental certification for Polygood panels is pending and will be available to view here once published.

    For technical information please refer to the manufacturers Workability page. 

    Polygood panels are available in 24 unique and diverse colours and patterns. They are the largest plastic panels available on the UK and Ireland market. The Good Plastic Company is an international manufacturer of plastic panels with large scale, superior tooling and manufacturing.


  • Specifications
    • Polygood SEA FOAM DARK Sheet Thickness – 12mm & 19mm
      • 12mm Sheet Size (weight) – 2800x1400mm (55kg), 2800x700mm (27.5kg)
      • 19mm Sheet Size (weight) – 2800x1400mm (85kg), 2800x700mm (42.5kg)
    • Warranty – Polygood carries a 10-year limited product warranty for interior applications.
    • Panel colour may vary from sample. Dark colours may require additional maintenance.
    • Sustainability – Polygood Cradle to Cradle Certification, which contributes to LEED, BREEAM and WELL, is pending.
    • Finishes: matte (standard; gloss on request)
    • Scratch resistance: medium (improvable with coatings)
    • Moisture absorption: none
    • All panels are single-faced
    Polygood, Polygood Core
    Product Types
    Cladding, Bathrooms, Commercial, Bespoke Furniture
    Price Groups
    12mm, 19mm
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