• Acrylic solid surface material.
  • Reference Code : GM05
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  • Description

    HI-MACS® GRAVILLA CHARCOAL – The Gravilla collection follows the aesthetic veined trend of Aurora & Marmo combined with a granite particles inspiration thanks to the shorter veins and a chip effect.

    • Sustainable – HIMACS supports greener earth by using sustainable material, eco-friendly manufacturing process and recycling at the end of its life-cycle. LX Hausys fully stands behind HIMACS quality, which is we offer a 15 year transferable warranty with customer’s best interest in mind.
    • Strong – Stronger surface with durability similar to that of natural stone – HI-MACS® stands up to everyday scratches. Should you accidentally inflict a deeper scratch or surface impression, a trained professional can easily resurface your HI-MACS® GRAVILLA CHARCOAL worktop thanks to its sealant-free consistency.
    • Hygienic – Thanks to its impermeability to dirt, bacteria, viruses and countless chemicals, HI-MACS® GRAVILLA CHARCOAL is the ideal material for the hospital, medical practice or laboratory. And for all other areas where hygiene really counts.
    • Water resistant – Thanks to its non-porous surface HI-MACS® is suitable for humid areas where moisture can form such as wet rooms and bathrooms.
    • Most advanced fabrication technology – The material is heated in a progressive tempering process (Thermal Cure). which sets HI-MACS® GRAVILLA CHARCOAL apart from other mineral materials and produces a new and stronger compound in which any structural defects are perfectly evened out. This improved structure automatically affects the quality of the material.
    • Seamless perfection – allows for visually seamless fabrication. Smooth integration creates large areas without visible joints or edges as well as the flush mounting of bowls. This results in extremely hygienic, easy-to-clean installations, ideally suited for a range of applications where hygiene is important.
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  • Specifications
    • Sample may not represent the full aesthetic. Ask us for samples and more detailed information on this.
    • Less suitable for surfaces which are subject to high traffic, due to their higher pigmented colour saturation, marks may be seen more easily.
    • 15 year warranty.
    Product Types
    Black, NEW COLOURS
    HI-MACS® GRAVILLA, New Colours
    Commercial, Bespoke Furniture, Cladding, Bathrooms
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