HI-MACS® CB3835 Basin

  • HI-MACS® CB3835 Basin – Available in Alpine White S028.
  • Warranty: HI-MACS® 15 years.
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  • Description

    HI-MACS® CB3835 Basin – HI-MACS® basins are produced using a high-quality casting technique.

    No matter which product you choose from our extensive, eminently combinable selection, the HI-MACS® CB3835 basins are top-mounted onto tops.

    HI-MACS® basins are widely used for architectural and interior applications and are often combined with HI-MACS® solid surface to produce sculptural and high performance bathroom and furniture solutions. As a result they are perfectly suited to commercial, residential and public space projects. HI-MACS® CB3835 basins are composed of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments that come together to provide a smooth, non-porous and visually seamless surface. Together they meet the highest standards for quality, aesthetics, fabrication, functionality and hygiene – offering manifold advantages over conventional materials. The warm, pleasing feel of the material wins you over the very first touch and it’s extremely easy to care for.

    • The HI-MACS® CB3835 Basin is hardwearing and resistant.
    • HI-MACS® basins are resistant to almost all commercial household chemicals, and everyday stains such as fruit acid or red wine.
    • HI-MACS® is scratch-resistant and can be repaired in the event of small scratches – often without the need to call in a specialist.
    • HI-MACS® is very easy to clean. The HI-MACS® CB3835 basins can be cleaned using a moist cloth and commercial detergent, removing almost all dirt without leaving any residue.
    • HI-MACS® basins when integrated with HI-MACS® are hygienic and can be assembled without the need for visible joints, preventing germs, bacteria and pathogens accumulating in the first place.
    • The HI-MACS® basins has a natural matt satin finish.

    Perfect for bathroom and commercial washroom applications

    Spaciousness, durability and hygiene are all key quality features when choosing a sink for the kitchen or healthcare facility. The top quality models in the HI-MACS® range offer it all. These coordinated sinks are installed as under-mounted creating extremely hygienic sink areas. Special custom-made creations are also an option.

    More information on the HI-MACS® CB3835 basins can be found here.

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