Don't scare clients offThere’s no disputing the quality of service offered by kitchen studios, but why are so many studios scaring clients off and seeing them choose to use a builder or interior designer instead? Angela Stack, sales manager at worktop fabricator Counter Production, suggests some ways to get over this.

Kitchens of today are almost unrecognisable from their historical counterparts. What was once a small room hidden away at the back of the house, the kitchen is now an important feature of the home. The modern kitchen has increasingly become the central hub where people gather to eat, relax and socialise. Mechanical, operational and social are the Three Musketeers of kitchen design. This much we already know. A recent survey suggested that a quarter of home buyers would be put off by a small kitchen with a poorly designed layout and lack of light. This surely should give plenty of scope for new kitchen sales. You would think so, but where will they be buying them? Read the full article here: