Counter Production Announces Partnership with SupaPowa® to integrate Wireless Charging into Solid Surfaces.

Counter Production is proud to announce that they are partnering with SupaPowa® to bring integrated wireless charging technology to Corian®, HiMacs® and other solid surface worktops.   Wireless Charging Technology What Is It? In an age of smartphones, tablets and personal devices our lives are full of wires and cables, making our kitchen worktops, desks and bedside tables cluttered. This is a very simple solution to resolve the problem of messy wires. A charging transmitter is embedded into the surface your of Corian® or Solid Surface worktop, which in turn is discreetly connected to mains power. If your device comes wireless charging ready then simply place it onto the embedded transmitter. Alternatively you can simply connect the SupaPowa® Dual Receiver or SupaPowa® Ultra-slim Wireless Charging Receiver Case to your phone, which then allows you to place your device onto the surface to charge, wirelessly through the SupaPowa® wireless charging transmitter. What Devices Are Compatible? SupaPowa® charging devices currently use Qi technology and a number of smartphones are  wireless charging ready; the most recent being the Samsung Galaxy S6 range. However, all devices are able to make use of the technology with the addition of the SupaPowa® Dual Receiver, SupaPowa® Ultra-slim Wireless Charging Receiver Case or SupaPowa® Energy Card for Samsung devices. Why Offer It To Your Customers? By connecting cutting edge technology with the world of design you will be in the vanguard of bringing the modern connected home to your clients. Currently this technology is not being widely used with stone or granite so this is another reason for your customer to choose Corian® or Solid Surface for their home. What Does It Cost? Fully embedded into any Corian®, HiMacs® or Solid Surface worktop along with one SupaPowa® Dual Receiver or SupaPowa® Ultra-slim line Wireless Charging Receiver Case, it retails for £450 (ex VAT and trade discount). For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us or 01491 615470