Quality Network Fabricator

Counter Production were 0ne of the first companies in the UK to be awarded the Quality Network Fabricator status. We have over 30 years of delivering on our promise. Our Guarantee to be Materially Different™?

We are Responsive – we aim to provide a same-day quotes service and we will always return your calls.

We are Proactive – we’ll give you advice, analysis and solutions if you have problems with your Solid Surface designs.

We are Professional – our Fitting Teams are fully trained, insured, wear Company uniform and drive liveried vehicles. We are members of the Corian® Quality Network, and Hi-Macs® Quality Club.

We are Accountable – for over 30 years, we still stand behind every project we have completed in that time.

We are Dedicated – we genuinely love Solid Surface and will do all we can to help you achieve perfection in your Solid Surface projects.

For more information on how Counter Production can guarantee the deliery of your next project see what our customers say.


Why choose a Quality Network Fabricator?

Highest quality of fabrication.

“Corian® Quality Network” is a fundamental ingredient of the global success of Corian®.

The “Corian® Quality Network” is an international system created by DuPont to optimize the delivering of the beauty and of the performance of Corian® high-tech surface to the market, to transform the potential of Corian® into reality.

It includes companies – industrial partners of DuPont – that are able to help consumers, architects, designers and industries to extract the highest value from the performance and the properties of Corian®.

The members of this network are trained by DuPont specialists and technicians, their skills are checked and certified by DuPont, their preparation and service are continuously monitored by DuPont.

Dealing with a member of the “Corian® Quality Network” means counting on state-of-the-art training and knowledge in terms of fabrication and installation. It means dealing with people that are used to manage complex tasks, dealing with companies supported by the know-how of DuPont and whose creations and installations are associated to a official ten-years warranty of DuPont.

The “Corian® Quality Network” is a premium group of industrial partners of DuPont. 

Corian Network Fabricator