Recycled Content Krion® K·Life 1100

At Krion, ever aware of their environmental awareness, they have recently launched Recycled Content Krion® K·Life 1100, a version of their K·Life 1100 but with a minimum content of 5% recycled material from post-consumer waste.

In their press release, Krion regard sustainability as a rational and innovative process, saying that their products are designed to last, while using as little resources and energy as possible.

Through this initiative, they plan to use over 350,000 kilos of recycled raw material this year. This step has been carried out rationally, by incorporating recycled content in manufacturing without compromising the physical and aesthetic benefits that this material has always had.

Recycled Content Krion® K·Life 1100 brings a new dimension to our Krion® K·Life 1100:

  • The same technical properties
  • More environmentally friendly
  • More unlimited than ever

Welcome to the new era of our purest white!

Same properties, more sustainable

The improved sustainability while maintaining characteristics such as impact resistance, durability, easy maintenance, fire stability, suitability for contact with food, almost zero porosity, high aseptic conditions and low production of VOCs, make Recycled Content Krion® K·Life 1100 one of the most complete materials.

Krion® offers infinite creative possibilities thanks to its malleability, continuous surfaces with imperceptible joints, purity, backlighting and great adaptability to spaces.

The certifications of Recycled Content Krion® K·Life 1100

Krion® have obtained different certifications, such as compliance with the REACH Regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals, which regulates the production and use of chemicals and their potential impact on the health of both humans and ecosystems. SGS certifies that the new Recycled Content Krion® K·Life 1100 is free of substances of very high concern (SVHC), and also complies with Annex XVII on restricted substances.

This innovative material has also obtained environmental certifications such as Greenguard Gold and the A+ classification as per ISO 16000-6, which verify the product’s low emissions.

It is also officially suitable for contact with food as per Regulation (EU) No 10/2011, it is free of silica and bisphenol, and it is certified by SCS Global Service, which guarantees the recycled content of RC Krion® K·Life 1100.