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Counter Production Ltd, a specialist Krion / Solid surface fabricator, has been fabricating solid surface / Krion worktops and  for over 30 years.

We cover London and the South of England. Please call or email us to give you a quote, and one of our team will talk through everything with you. We have fitted kitchens and bathrooms from as far afield as the Bahamas to the Swiss Alps!

Counter Production are Krion/Porcelenosa registered fabricators. In fact, we are one of the longest Krion worktop fabricators in the business, and one of the original Quality Network Fabrication/Hi-MACS Quality Club members. We adhere to the strict and exacting Krion® fabrication guidelines. This ensures that all out kitchen Krion worktops, bathroom vanity’s or commercial project are manufactured and installed to the highest standards. We are able to offer the warranties on all of our work as a result of this. For over 30 years, we have been relied on by all of our customers to deliver on the promises we make them.

Craftsmanship and Quality is at the centre of everything we do – this is what makes us Materially Different™. For more information about how we can work you with you on your solid surface projects, Krion worktops, download a copy of our brochure HERE.

At Counter Production, we understand how important it is, that your customer knows their project is going to be in safe hands. With tried and tested fabrication processes, digital templating and state of the art CNC, Counter Production is ideally equipped to deal with all of your companies project needs.

Quality Network Fabrication / Hi-Macs Quality Club

We understand that it is vitally important that your customer knows that their project is going to be in safe hands. Being a proud member of the Hi-Macs Quality club means you can be confident that your suppliers are going to deliver the highest quality on time, every time. The service we offer in the production of your bespoke project and Krion worktops is part of what we think makes us Materially Different™ from the competition.

For more information on the service that we offer click HERE.

Dedicated Project Management – Krion Commercial Installations

We have a dedicated team who can help you to project manage larger or more complex Krion worktops projects. Recent projects for us have included 120 Krion kitchens in Camden. Other solid surface projects include 27 very high end large kitchens which required turning around in 6 weeks, 100 flats in Cambridge which again were very tight in turnaround, a roll out of bathroom troughs for schools and a number of Corian® tables for Heathrow T5. Call us to discuss how we can work with you on your next project. Click HERE for some more info.

Some examples of work and inspiration

As well as Krion worktops, check out our Pintrest and Houzz pages for more inspiration and ideas of other work we do.


Krion Bathrooms

There is more and more emphasis on the bathroom in the modern family home. The revolution of the kitchen/living space has moved to the bathroom, and customers are looking for larger, simple and beautifully designed bathrooms that make the most of space, with the minimum of fuss. Solid surface especially Krion is seeing a huge surge in this application and for good reason. With its seamless joining and ‘warm to touch’ USP over alternatives such as marble/stone/tiles gives it a unique use in the bathroom arena.

Some examples of solid surface projects. Floor to ceiling with beautiful coved corners means there is no where for germs to hide, and it looks sleek and clean and modern. Check out the bathroom section HERE for some inspiration and more info.

**Header image shows a vanity unit in Warm Grey Corian which was part of a project by Kia Designs which won the 2018 kbbreview Retail & Design Awards “Bathroom Designer of the Year – Project Cost between £10,000 and £25,000” , and who was also winner of Ultimate Luxury Kitchen Design of the Year 2018. Photography by Anna Stathaki (

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