HI-MACS Public Spaces – Hi-Macs and solid surface in Commercial Applications

HI-MACS Public SpacesHI-MACS Public Spaces – Counter Production have been manufacturing Hi-Macs and other solid surface for 30 years. We have made and installed hundreds of projects in the commercial arena. Hi-Macs is hard wearing, repairable, hygienic, weather proof, workable and inspirational to design with. This makes it the perfect partner to use in commercial projects especially public spaces.

Over the years we have undertaken a number of projects where Hi-Macs has been used for commercial applications. To include but not limited to Reception Desks & Boardroom Tables, Restaurant Bars & Tables, Outdoor Seating Areas & Pools, Restroom Vanities, Outdoor Planters, Staircases, Coffee Shop Worktops. Thanks to its large colour range, thermoforming capability, inconspicuous jointing and translucent properties, HI-MACS® provides a limitless range of possibilities for even the most ambitious designs. Backed up with numerous certificates that attest of its fire resistance (DIN 4102-1 – class B1, warrington fire – class 0), HI-MACS® is ideal for places where security is the number 1 criteria of choice. Loyalty is rewarded in the long-term with a 15-year warranty for products fabricated and installed by a member of the HI-MACS® Quality Club.

We also have been involved in large new build projects, for example 130 Flats where we have HI-MACS Public Spacestemplated, fabricated and fitted Hi-Macs® kitchen worktops to tight timescales and strict guidelines. A recent commercial project involved multiple flats in a central London location where parking was difficult and only through solid planning using our Cloud based scheduling software ensured the smooth delivery of the project on time and on budget.

It’s worth noting that all our Fitters are CSCS accredited and work to exacting Health & Safety standards.

We have a dedicated team that will see any commercial project through from start to finish and will ensure timely and accurate management of any project.  Our team will work with you to value engineer any concepts you may have.

Hi-Macs Public Spaces